The Best 15 WordPress Plugins You Need to Write Killer Content

January 11, 2023

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for creating websites. In July 2022, it closed the top 10 list of the most popular websites in the global Majestic Million ranking.

Developers have created special programs to extend the functionality of WordPress websites without the need for complex coding. They’re called plugins. They can help you at every stage of content creation.

The advantage to WordPress plugins is that many are free and, therefore, is readily available for all WordPress website owners and bloggers. In this article we’ve compiled a few of the most popular and useful WordPress plugins that’ll improve the functionality of your site and help you create killer content.

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  • ❌ Optimizing images with descriptive file names & alt text attributes,
  • ❌ Manually pasting target=“_blank” and/or “nofollow” attributes to every single link
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1. Wordable


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Wordable is a plugin for automatically saving and formatting all HTML elements. With it, you can work in Google Docs with team members and authors and not worry about formatting.

It removes extra lines, breaks, spaces, and other errors that spoil formatting. Then, when the content is ready for publication, you export it to your WordPress site. Wordable also supports HubSpot and Medium. Additionally, you can mark export parameters as repeating or applying to a specific category.

Advantages of the plugin:

  • Saving time
  • Saving HTML markup
  • Saves money on wages

2. Ninja Tables


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This plugin is an excellent choice if you want to add tables to your WordPress site since manually creating tables is a long and tedious process. This WordPress plugin offers over 100 table styles that can easily accommodate various data types, including prices, member lists, customers, and more. The plugin also allows you to export tables in multiple ways and edit the external interface.

Advantages of the plugin:

  • Nice design
  • Table export
  • Works in real-time
  • An incredible color palette
  • Free forms

3. GetGenie


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If you need content for your WordPress site, this plugin will help you get results without adding to your workload. You can create short messages, advertising texts, product descriptions, articles, and more by opening your WordPress dashboard. Thanks to the plugin, you get SEO-optimized content written for optimal user experience. The tool also assesses the content itself and makes suggestions for its improvement.

While GetGenie optimizes its content, it’s not an SEO plugin. For search engine optimization, you’ll want a plugin designed specifically for that purpose, such as Yoast SEO. 

Advantages of the plugin:

  • Content optimization for the website and social media
  • Application of frameworks for copywriting
  • More than 30 templates for creating text content
  • Multilingual support
  • Full blog entry
  • Editing directly on the platform

4. Edit Flow

Edit Flow

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This WordPress plugin allows you to create and edit your content strategy and workflow. Therefore, it’s highly relevant for teams in which several authors work together. You can view the editorial calendar, leave feedback and reviews, adjust the status of publications, and make timely changes and corrections. This WordPress plugin allows your team to collaborate more efficiently.


  • Designing the future budget of the project
  • Get editorial metadata to track details
  • Monthly content review and analysis
  • Private discussions in the admin panel
  • Creation of user groups
  • Get instant notifications about the content you’ve subscribed to

5. WP Fluent Forms

WP Fluent Forms

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The best form builder is the Fluent Forms WordPress plugin. You can create any forms – subscriptions, contacts, offers, reception, etc. And all of them are mobile-optimized. Additionally, Google Analytics allows you to study the data, such as the number of potential customers and how many times the form was displayed. To send forms via email, you can use WP Mail SMTP. Fluent Forms also integrates with Slack and Mailchimp.

Advantages of the plugin:

  • Reusable templates
  • A message with conditional confirmation
  • Creation of repetition fields
  • A form with many columns
  • Spam protection
  • Smart form fields
  • Getting data every time you fill out your form



Image Source

This WordPress plugin is relevant for WordPress sites whose owners want to manage content availability. For example, for an e-learning WordPress site or other educational platform, participants gain access to educational materials via payment, demonstrating increased skill level, etc. You can easily create tags that will allow you to segment your content list and either hide or reveal it.

Advantages of the plugin:

  • Works well on e-learning or WordPress membership websites
  • Hides and shows relevant content
  • Doesn’t load any assets into the interface
  • User-friendly WordPress dashboard
  • End blocks
  • Simple management of lists and tags

7. Weglot


Image Source

Weglot is one of the best WordPress plugins for multilingual sites. Most WordPress website owners choose this cloud-based translation platform for their translation needs. Without any programming, you can make your WordPress site multilingual in just a few minutes. It’ll help you expand your target audience and enter new markets.

This WordPress plugin will translate all content in a few minutes. And a special WordPress dashboard will edit all translations.

Advantages of the plugin:

  • Support for more than 60 languages
  • Compatibility with other WordPress plugins
  • Button to switch translations
  • Optimization in each new language with URL highlighting
  • Translations in real time
  • Access to professional translators

8. Ultimate Blocks


Image Source

Every WordPress website or blog owner must proofread their content before publishing it, which is time-consuming. Ultimate Blocks WordPress plugin will save you time because it’ll allow you to proofread content in real time. With the help of more than 20 block types, you can improve the user interface and create a content design that flows. Make use of blocks such as Share, Review, Call to Action, and more.

Your pages will not only look great but also offer your users a more convenient experience. The best part is Ultimate Blocks is so simple (and free!) that even novice bloggers can use it to create awesome content.

Advantages of the plugin:

  • Loading less external interface
  • Editing
  • Schema markup is enabled
  • Gutenberg Editor
  • Focus on users and design

9. Canva


Image Source

Today, it’s challenging to imagine beautiful, high-quality content without graphic design. Sometimes, copyright or trademark gets in the way of using the images you want on your site. And in that case, the Canva WordPress plugin can help. It’s a simple and convenient tool for creating graphic designs from scratch.

A variety of templates, icons, and graphics are available for you to create your unique visual content. Additionally, the finished image can be immediately downloaded or exported to your site for free.

Advantages of the plugin:

  • The largest stock photo platform, consisting of more than a million images
  • Filters available
  • Create a design using simple drag and drop
  • Adjustment of shades, saturation, contrast, and brightness
  • Does not require professional design skills

10. pixabay


Image Source

Another WordPress plugin that’ll help you work with images is Pixabay. Remember that many online photos have copyrights you must reference or owners you must get permission from before publishing the image. Pixabay offers copyright-free images that you can search for and download at no charge.

Advantages of the plugin:

  • Allows you to find free-to-use images
  • Easy to add images
  • Over 2,700,000+ quality royalty-free images

11. PrePost SEO


Image Source

Even with the coolest content and enhancing it with incredible images, you’ve still got work to do. You need to work on WP search engine optimization. That’s where PrePost SEO comes in, and it’s just as good as the more famous Yoast SEO. First, it’ll analyze your SEO capabilities, highlight shortcomings and errors, and find duplicate content. After that, you’ll be able to qualitatively optimize the WordPress site for search engines and increase organic traffic. It’ll never replace Google Analytics, but often, it’s more convenient for working with WP.

Advantages of the plugin:

  • Checking SEO indicators
  • Keyword density calculation
  • Spelling and grammar check
  • Check for plagiarism
  • Checking the link activity status
  • Analysis of meta tags, which it does faster than Yoast SEO
  • Optimizing titles and headings for better results in search engines

12. Grammarly


Image Source

If you need to check the content’s grammar and ensure the quality of the text, the Grammarly WordPress plugin will help you. It allows companies that don’t have a single person on staff to create content and professionals to receive high-quality content.

Grammarly is one of the best online error detection and correction tools. It works in real-time, so it’ll find all inaccuracies as the text is created. The indicator that’ll stand out in the lower right corner will show how many errors there are in the text.


  • Instant spelling and grammar check
  • One-click error correction
  • Bonus style and clarity recommendations
  • Suggested corrections
  • Can apply to other text areas

13. Paymattic


Image Source

After creating a site, content, and images, payment options remain on the to-do list for many website owners. The Paymattic WordPress plugin allows you to make money transfers easily. It is a modern payment gateway for quality online business. With it, you can set up the primary payment forms for free.

Advantages of the plugin:

  • Support for more than 135 currencies
  • Creation of any contact form
  • Tracking of completed and failed payment attempts
  • Collection of payment and delivery addresses in one form

Why is it important to create high-quality content and use WordPress plugins?

High-quality content directed at the right audience using the right tools has the best chance of reaching that audience.  According to various word press case studies research materials, WordPress plugins can help in that process and the sales process by improving user experience and more. There are a great number of professional managers and business owners who reach out to the help of Essay Writer Pro to use writing services as alternatives to plugins.

Therefore, let WordPress plugins do some of the work for you. Those we mentioned are amazingly helpful, and other handy options like WP Mail SMTP and Yoast SEO are worth looking into.

Plugins make everything in WordPress easier to understand. They’re ‌beneficial when you’re just starting your business or blog. Don’t expect to be an expert overnight. To learn more about the possibilities of plugins, look for WordPress tutorials.

There are thousands of WordPress plugins. Therefore, this selection is just a small excursion into professional plugins. Use them and get to know others — more opportunities, more chances for success!

Eliza Medley
Eliza Medley is an experienced writer and freelance blogger. She's actively interested in management, new technologies, and writing motivational articles. She also loves catching up on modern trends. Her work inspires people to learn new things and reach new heights.
Eliza Medley
Eliza Medley is an experienced writer and freelance blogger. She's actively interested in management, new technologies, and writing motivational articles. She also loves catching up on modern trends. Her work inspires people to learn new things and reach new heights.