Indigo System


Penumbra’s Indigo Aspiration System is intended for the removal of fresh, soft emboli and thrombi from vessels of the peripheral arterial and venous systems, and certain central circulatory system conditions such as pulmonary emboli. A minimally-invasive device, Indigo is designed to enable the restoration of blood flow using continuous aspiration for mechanical thrombectomy.

The Indigo Aspiration System is comprised of several devices:

Our Indigo Aspiration Catheters are designed to deliver continuous high vacuum to remove thrombi and emboli from distal anatomy. Our Indigo Catheters are engineered to be robust, durable and trackable for use in the peripheral anatomy, where clots can form in long segments.

Penumbra ENGINE facilitates an easy, simple set-up and the integrated clot catcher allows for immediate live feedback of thrombus removal during cases.

The Penumbra Indigo System Separator is intended for use with our Indigo System’s CAT family of catheters to enable the removal of a wide range of thrombus.

Risk Information

Caution: Prior to use, please refer to the Instructions for Use for complete product indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, potential adverse events, and detailed instructions for use.

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  • Simple set-up, portable design
  • Penumbra ENGINE is capable of delivering and maintaining nearly pure vacuum (-29 inHg or 98.2 kPa) with the disposable Penumbra ENGINE Canister 1
  • The Indigo System is an integrated system for use only with other components of the Indigo System including Aspiration Catheters, Separators, Aspiration Tubing, Penumbra ENGINE, and Penumbra ENGINE Canister

1 Tests performed and data on file at Penumbra. Bench test results may not be indicative of clinical performance