COVID-19 Pandemic:

Our Response & Commitment

During this pandemic, Penumbra remains committed to our employees and their families, our customers, our suppliers, and our business partners that allow us to serve our first priority – patients.

Under recent California state and local “shelter-in-home” orders, as a device manufacturer, Penumbra falls within the category of healthcare operations, which are essential businesses that need to continue during the COVID-19 outbreak. While we are committed to continue providing essential devices to physicians and hospitals, we are also taking all possible measures to protect the health and safety of our employees. In order to do so, we have assembled an internal COVID-19 executive task force to address the continually updated guidance from local, national and international sources to ensure our operations are responding appropriately to the crisis.

Here’s how we are working through this crisis to continue to serve patients and reduce the spread of the virus:

Our Employees

In response to government-issued “shelter-in-home” orders, Penumbra established and continues to follow protocols to have all possible personnel work remotely at our Alameda campus and other work locations.  For those employees continuing to support essential operations at our work locations, we have implemented social distancing and other protective measures in order to ensure the health of our employees and to continue to provide critical products.  Business travel remains restricted and our campus and other facilities remain closed to outside visitors.  We are providing additional information and resources directly to our employees to support them during this time.

Product Supply, Shipments, and Customer Service

Our production, shipping and customer service functions remain operational to ensure we maintain a continuous supply of products. We are communicating regularly with our suppliers so that our supply chain remains intact.

Our Customer Service teams around the world are operating remotely and remain available to our customers and distribution partners as per normal business practice.

Penumbra Representative Support

Many hospitals have implemented access restrictions so that they can focus resources on the outbreak and limit infections.  Our team is respecting all limitations and/or restrictions placed on vendor visits. Penumbra has instructed our local representatives to be available to support our hospital customers only in response to requests for assistance from these customers.  All Penumbra representatives are equipped to provide support via phone, text, and video as needed so that we can assist with case support and training.  Our team is also available to provide web-based in-services and training videos to ensure appropriate training and support.

We thank the entire Penumbra team, including our employees, our suppliers, and our distribution partners, for their incredible support and dedication to each other and their communities, and to our customers and their patients during this challenging time.

And to all the health care professionals, first responders, and others working on the front lines during the pandemic, we thank you.

For further information, please contact [email protected] .