It wasn't until well into the 20th century that Karate practice was gradually moved indoors. Before that time, it was common for karateka to carry out their practice in backyards, graveyards, and quiet natural locations.

The dojo, where practice takes place, is not a 'gym' but a place where karateka train both their bodies and their minds.

Shinsokai students carry out their practice in their individual private dojo. The dojo is always swept before practice and then cleaned afterwards. Soji (cleaning) is an important activity in every traditional dojo.

The dojo is a place where courage is fostered and superior human nature is bred through the ecstasy of sweating in hard work. It is a sacred place where the human spirit is polished.

Nagamine Shoshin

Shinsokan Dojo

The Shinsokan is Richard Barrett Sensei's private home dojo in Almeria (Spain).

Shinsokan Dojo Shinsokan Dojo Shinsokan Dojo Shinsokan Dojo

Shinsodo Dojo

The Shinsodo is Richard Barrett Sensei's "cave dojo" which he started carving out the hillside behind his home in 2011 and finished two years later. (Learn more)

Patio Dojo

This is yet another training area built by Richard Barrett Sensei himself in 2014-15 and attached to his family home. With no ceiling and plenty of room it is specially suitable for Kobudo practice.

Patio Dojo Patio Dojo Patio Dojo Patio Dojo

Other private dojo

When training in a proper dojo is not a possibility, it is important to remember the Okinawan approach and just try to make the most of what we do have.

Any place can be a dojo.

Funakoshi Gichin

Gishinkan Dojo

Gishinkan Dojo Gishinkan Dojo Gishinkan Dojo Gishinkan Dojo
Víctor López Bondía's dojo in Picanya (Spain).

Before establishing the Gishinkan, a terrace was used as a dojo.

Terrace Dojo Terrace Dojo
Víctor López Bondía's former "Terrace Dojo" in Valencia (Spain).

Idokan Dojo

Idokan Dojo Idokan Dojo Idokan Dojo
Jordi Muria's dojo in Alzira (Spain).

“No matter how you may excel in the art of Karate, and in your scholastic endeavors,
nothing is more important than your behavior and your humanity as observed in daily life.”